Africa University’s innovation hub dedicated to support enterprise development where creative entrepreneurs from the University and the community come to ​

share, learn, validate, protect and scale-up their ideas for commercialisation


To become the center of innovative excellence, by becoming a network of ideas that are brought to life through entrepreneurial team building, project management and ultimately the most sought after innovation accelerator in Africa.

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Do you want to turn your idea into a startup company -social enterprise or small business- but don’t know where to start?​


i5Hub serves as home to many innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology courses, it’s strongest impact is in the following areas:

Personalized Support

We support the creative and innovative needs of our campus community. Whether the students, staff or members of the community need advice on a new innovation, help on graphic design, websites and many other aspects we’re here to work with you to help you succeed!

Educational events

Many of our events, activities and programs are provided by our partner departments and student clubs affiliates. If you’re part of an innovative organization, we invite you to make the Innovation Hub your home. That’s why they call us “The Hub!”

Cutting Edge Resources

We have a meeting room and space to support a wide variety of innovation activities. In our Hub we provide access to 3D printing and Computer. Stop by! We’ll get you started!

Student consulting

Built on a foundation of Design Thinking, students become experienced at working in groups collaboratively to confront wicked problems. Our student consulting teams apply their skills on problems presented by corporate partners and government agencies for impact in the real world.

Short Courses

We have introduced short courses for our stakeholders. Courses can be offered per request and they are facilitated by our pool of experienced and qualified lecturers.

Skill development

We host personal development seminars and events for students, staff and the community. if any area that you would want as to assist you in get in touch with us. We are here for you

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