Ideation Program


The i5hub Ideation Program is a transformative six months-long journey designed to ignite innovation and empower aspiring entrepreneurs to transform their groundbreaking ideas into successful tech-driven startups. This immersive program provides the essential tools, mentorship, and funding necessary to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape and propel early-stage ventures to new heights.

Program Objectives

The i5hub Ideation Programme aims to achieve the following objectives:

  •  Foster a vibrant ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship
  •  Nurture early-stage startups with groundbreaking ideas
  •  Provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the essential skills and resources to succeed
  •  Facilitate collaboration and networking among innovators and startups
  •  Contribute to the growth and development of Africa’s technology sector

Program Structure

The i5hub Ideation Programme is structured to provide comprehensive support to startups throughout their journey, encompassing four key phases:

Phase 1: Ideation and Development

  •  Ideation workshops and brainstorming sessions
  •  Concept refinement and business model development
  •  Access to expert mentorship and guidance

Phase 2: Training and Skill Enhancement

  •  Educational workshops on essential startup topics
  •  Pitching and presentation skills training
  •  Networking and collaboration opportunities

Phase 3: Prototyping and Proof of Concept

  •  Access to i5hub’s co-working space and facilities
  •  Funding support for prototype development
  •  Ongoing mentorship and guidance

Phase 4: Launch and Commercialization

  •  Go-to-market strategy development
  •  Investment readiness preparation
  •  Access to industry connections and partners

Program Components

The i5hub Ideation Programme comprises a range of comprehensive components designed to address the specific needs of early-stage startups:

Seed Funding and Coaching:

  •  Substantial up to $2000 grant to kickstart business ideas
  •  Experienced mentors providing valuable advice and guidance
  •  Training and workshops on essential business topics

Networking and Collaboration:

  •  Access to i5hub’s vibrant co-working space
  •  Opportunities to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and investors
  •  Networking events and workshops

Access to Facilities and Resources

  •  State-of-the-art equipment and facilities
  •  Expert consultation and support services
  •  Access to industry partners and networks

Eligibility Criteria

The i5hub Ideation Programme welcomes a diverse range of participants, including:

  •  Aged 18 and above with innovative ideas
  •  Limited companies incorporated in Africa for less than two years
  •  Teams willing to establish a limited company in Africa (Zimbabwe)

Application Process

Applicants are required to submit comprehensive proposals that align with the stipulated evaluation criteria. The online or offline application process with supporting documents facilitates the selection of promising startups.

Program Cycle

The i5hub Ideation Programme opens its doors for applications in three cycles throughout the year—January, May, and September—inviting innovators and startups seeking guidance, resources, and the foundational support necessary to transform their concepts into viable business ventures.

Program Benefits

Participants in the i5hub Ideation Programme enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  •  Substantial financial support to fuel business development
  •  Access to experienced mentors and industry experts
  •  Comprehensive training and skill enhancement opportunities
  •  Vibrant co-working space and access to facilities
  •  Networking opportunities with potential investors and partners

Program Expectations

Participants are expected to actively engage in all program components and demonstrate a commitment to the following:

  •  Dedication to developing and refining their business ideas
  •  Active participation in workshops, training sessions, and networking events
  •  Regular communication with mentors and program staff
  •  Willingness to adapt and learn from feedback and guidance

Program Commitments

Participants are required to adhere to the following program commitments:

  •  Full-time participation in all scheduled program activities
  •  Submission of regular progress reports
  •  Completion of all assigned tasks and deliverables
  •  Adherence to i5hub’s policies and guidelines

11. Program Success Metrics

The success of the i5hub Ideation Programme will be measured by the following metrics:

  •  Number of startups successfully launched
  •  Amount of funding secured by participating startups
  •  Job creation and economic & social impact of participating startups
  •  Overall satisfaction of program participants

12. Program Monitoring and Evaluation

The i5hub Ideation Programme will be subject to ongoing monitoring and evaluation to ensure its effectiveness and identify areas for improvement. Participants will be regularly assessed based on their progress, achievements, and contributions to the program.

13. Program Termination

The i5hub Ideation Programme reserves the right to terminate participation of any individual or team that fails to meet the eligibility criteria, program expectations, or program commitments.

14. Program Support

Participants in the i5hub Ideation Program have access to a comprehensive support system designed to address their specific needs throughout their entrepreneurial journey. This support includes:

  •  Mentorship: Experienced mentors provide guidance, advice, and support on a variety of topics, including business development, marketing, finance, and legal matters.
  •  Training and Workshops: Participants attend workshops and training sessions to enhance their skills in essential areas such as pitching, presentation, financial management, and team management.
  •  Networking Opportunities: Regular networking events and workshops provide opportunities to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts.
  •  Co-working Space: Access to i5hub’s vibrant co-working space fosters a collaborative environment for idea development, networking, and problem-solving.
  •  Expert Consultation: Participants have access to expert consultation services in various fields, including technology, design, marketing, and legal matters.
  •  Industry Connections: i5hub’s network of industry partners provides access to valuable connections and potential opportunities for collaboration and funding.

15. Conclusion

The i5hub Ideation Program is a transformative journey that empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their innovative ideas into successful tech-driven startups. With its comprehensive support system, experienced mentors, and access to resources, the program provides the necessary foundation for early-stage ventures to thrive and contribute to Africa’s thriving technology sector. By fostering innovation, nurturing talent, and driving collaboration, the i5hub Ideation Program is shaping the future of entrepreneurship in Africa