The i5hub Innovation Development Process

  • Concept
    • A person brings in their idea
  • Prototype
    • Work on an early sample of the project
  • Pilot Application
    • Release a built set of the project to a small number of customers.
  • Protection and exploitation
    • Register idea so as to protect it that is issuing trademarks, patents and copyrights
  • Adoption
    • The developed concept will be ready for use

Services and Activities include:

  1. A tech shop and access to hardware such as 3D printers, computers, and workspace
  2. A talent development program including mentoring and training 
  3. Community development featuring hackathons and bounty challenges
  4. Collaboration opportunities with team members and other innovation hubs members worldwide
  5. Potential to receive funding from other VCs in the network and to receive support in building out a new project
  6. Protecting ideas
  7. Help bring ideas to life