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WHAT Is the i5hub?

We Have Unique Facilities for Students

Who are we?

The i5hub is Africa University’s dedicated support to enterprise development.

It is a platform and place where creative entrepreneurs from the University and the community come to:

  •  share,
  •  learn,
  •  validate,
  •  protect and
  •  scale-up their ideas for commercialisation.

Why i5hub?

The 5 i’s represent pillars of our model for nurturing ideas that come through the hub requiring different levels of service engagement processing.

  •   ideation,
  •   incubation,
  •   innovation,
  •   intellectual property and
  •   industrialisation

Who uses the hub?

Students, staff, faculty, alumni and anyone in the community can bring their ideas which will then be analysed and selected into the relevant processing stage.



7000 +








Upcoming Events

We organize Lots of events & Engagements

Dining Hall Innovation challenge 2019

i5 hub partners with Africa University to run an Innovation challenge where 3 winners will be announced

  • Africa University Campus
  • 20 May, 2019 @TBA

Why should you be involved?

The world is changing and our pattern of teaching or imparting knowledge also has to change. We need to be able to identify potential and nurture it without limiting it to a confined framework of doing things.
Well you might argue and say, some of the most successful business people are college drop outs. But...

Well, your imaginations have come to life through the i5hub.

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